We Met in the Park Bouquet, orange roses, pink peonies, fuchsia peonies

Summer is in full swing, and peonies are popping-up like  silky fireworks in a shower of pinky petals! Aahh! This  bouquet is a sunny trio of soft pink and fuchsia peonies with  blushed orange roses! To make this bouquet: 10 pink-blushed orange roses 5 Pale pink Peonies 5 Fuchsia peonies Pink is the common factor


Lavender roses, red peonies, blue hyacinth, and round-leafed eucalyptus make for the most aromatic bouquet you may ever smell. If the fountain of youth were real, I imagine bathing in its waters would leave you smelling like this! Soft, sweet and enchanting. These are featured in my new favourite vase, hand-blown glass with a thick, warped