We Met in the Park Bouquet, orange roses, pink peonies, fuchsia peonies

Summer is in full swing, and peonies are popping-up like  silky fireworks in a shower of pinky petals! Aahh! This  bouquet is a sunny trio of soft pink and fuchsia peonies with  blushed orange roses! To make this bouquet: 10 pink-blushed orange roses 5 Pale pink Peonies 5 Fuchsia peonies Pink is the common factor


I created this bouquet on the first day I felt spring.  The sun felt warm for the first time in months, and the crowd at Columbia Road moved with a dance in its step. The narcissus in two colours (only £4.00 for 6 bunches that day!) are just bursting out of this bouquet, punctuated by