We Met in the Park Bouquet, orange roses, pink peonies, fuchsia peonies

Summer is in full swing, and peonies are popping-up like  silky fireworks in a shower of pinky petals! Aahh! This  bouquet is a sunny trio of soft pink and fuchsia peonies with  blushed orange roses! To make this bouquet: 10 pink-blushed orange roses 5 Pale pink Peonies 5 Fuchsia peonies Pink is the common factor


Patio weather has arrived in London, which, in my books, means cocktails! This spring I’ve been feeling cistrusy. And not just because my lemon and orange trees are flowering! ( Shout out to the neighbourhood bees! 🙂 ) That being said, the smell of blossoming citrus definitely played a role in my latest take on the


This is one of my favourite bouquets to date, a blend of Purple tulips, orange peony-tulips, freesia, and some shy blue hyacinth, still tinted in green. I have to admit, I went a bit crazy with this one, price wise, but I love it!  Can’t help but think of one of those lavish nights out–