In the Eye of the Magpie Bouquet

In the Eye of the Magpie Bouquet
In the Eye of the Magpie Bouquet

It is the first weekend since the arrival of spring, and naturally the Columbia Road Flower Market was bursting with every variety of vernal posies imaginable. This bouquet features some of my recurring favourites: Blue hyacinth, sun-kissed tulips, and fuchsia stock.

Make this Bouquet:

-2 Bunches of Yellow Tulips (12 stems)

-1 Bunch Blue Hyacinth (4 to 5 stems)

-1 Bunch Fuchsia Stock (4 to 5 stems)

Start by rinsing your hyacinth stems, but do NOT cut them. Place them in the vase first. Next, take each tulip and cut the stems. Cut some shorter and others longer, but allow them to stay relatively close in length. Strip some of the excess leaves. I usually leave the leaves closest to the flower itself, but removes the lower ones. Now place the tulips in the vase, distributing them evenly amongst the hyacinth. I try to keep the hyacinth closer to the rim of the vase. Lastly, Cut and strip your stock, removing most of the leaves. In this bouquet, I cut one stock quite short and placed it near the rim of the vase. I left the remaining four close to their original height and placed them near the centre of the vase, giving the bouquet a blossoming appearance, as though growing and rising up out of the vase. To wrap everything up, carefully pour some water in the vase. I often add sugar to my water as ‘plant food.’






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