Foghorn with Iced Orange Slice

Patio weather has arrived in London, which, in my books, means cocktails! This spring I’ve been feeling cistrusy. And not just because my lemon and orange trees are flowering! ( Shout out to the neighbourhood bees! 🙂 )


That being said, the smell of blossoming citrus definitely played a role in my latest take on the 1920s classic, the Foghorn! Normally a combination of gin, ginger-ale, and lime, I decided to take this bubbly beverage to the next level.

To do so, you will need:

1) Ginger-beer (I recommend Fever Tree brand!)

2) An Orange (sliced and frozen)

3) Gin of choice!

To start, slice your orange into nice thick discs. Stack them between wax or parchment paper, wrap them all up, and freeze for at least an hour. These babies will act as your ice cubes!

After your slices are nice and frozen, pour 1 shot of gin and 3 to 4 shots of gingerbeer into a fancy cocktail glass of choice. Garnish with your frozen orange slice! Not only does the orange slice add flavour and beauty, but it chills your drink without watering it down (I am a notoriously slow drinker, so I hate melty drinks!).

Last step: enjoy! 🙂




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