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I recently spent a weekend at Berdoulat & Breakfast, a B&B in central Bath, Somerset. I have stayed in my fair share of bed and breakfasts over the years, palatial apartments to crumbling old country homes, most of which have managed to blend into one another in my memory. Berdoulat & Breakfast, on the other hand, offers something truly unique. Something I can only describe as Charles Perrault meets Jane Austen.

This 18th-century heritage property has been beautifully restored, and stepping through its doors you can’t help but imagine yourself in a beautiful empire dress, your partner is a dashing top hat (OK, maybe that’s just me!) But from the doorbell to the four-poster bed, Berdoulat & Breakfast manages to captures another era with  both elegant beauty and cosy comfort.


berdoulat and breakfast
Every childhood dream I ever had. Cue Harry Potter theme song!

If you’ve ever dreamed of sleeping in a four poster while overlooking a secret, walled-in garden, Berdoulat and Breakfast in the place for you! The bed wasn’t only stunning, but plush and cosy (though I will say that if you prefer a firm pillow, you may want to supply your own). These are of the soft and luxurious variety, covered in a beautiful linen. The room spares no detail in capturing an almost otherworldly experience. The bathroom alone, with it’s huge circular bath, tiled floors, and coal-scented soap (yes, that’s coal scented!) makes for a decadent retreat after a long day of exploring the city.


Oh yeah, just look at that luxurious bath water!

Both the bedroom and the bathroom overlook a small, walled-in garden, where large, leafy plants creep up the walls and reach towards the sky. Mossy stone statues peek out from behind other greenery or decorate the walls. Obviously, I love gardens, so this was a defining feature for me, and a true treasure to look out at and enjoy from our room.



A review of Berdoulat & Breakfast wouldn’t be complete without mentioning Neri’s outstanding Turkish breakfast. Breakfast is served each morning in the first floor kitchen, which is something of an architecural marvel in itself. Foodies and history buffs alike will love this room, equipped with a giant hearth and a whole arrangement of antique cooking utensils and serving ware. My favourite feature was the large, antique dough board perched on the kitchen island. Repurposed for produce, it holds all the day’s fruits and veggies like a chest of giant gleamy jewels! The sight alone was enough to whet my appetite!

Citrines, peridots and Rubies come to mind!

Henry opted for the English breakfast, which, yes, looked delicious. But, I tell you, go for the Turkish Breakfast! The flaky feta pastry, the olives and halloumi, the sliced tomato punctuated with juicy pomegranate seeds–You’d pay good money for this meal in a restaurant, and at Berdoulat & Breakfast it comes with the price of the room! You also get flaky croissants and as much coffee and orange juice as you care to enjoy.

Halloumi, pastry, poached egg, feta cheese, melon, olives, tomato & pomegranate salad.

If you ask really nicely, Patrick & Neri will let you take a peek (or even read) in their magnificent library after breakfast. If you grew up in the 90s, and your’e anything like me, I bet you’ve always wanted one of those libraries in Beauty & The Beast (you know the one). This one comes pretty close, and to top it all off, the floor-to-ceiling bookshelves are stuffed with every penguin paperback imaginable, washing the room in a sunny orange.


And this is where I will close my review, befittingly with books. Because something about Berdoulat & Breakfast seems right out of a fairytale.  Perhaps it’s because, like a good read, Berdoulat & Breakfast not only sets the scene, but invites you to imagine a wealth of stories unfolding within it.

You can read up on the rest of my stay in Bath right here!


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